Each piece of clothing is consciously curated to give the best “second chance” it can get.

Items are catalogued, checked, ironed, arranged, paired, measured and set for photoshoot. All items we have are unique and the efforts that go into each item are resource-intensive. Unlike a typical retailer that can create a listing and sell many of the same item, second other is just unlike any other.

As a platform to build a community that promotes circular fashion as a more sustainable approach, we want to prioritise our customers and look at serving the community that shares the passion especially in the space that has more sellers than buyers. This will also reduce the waiting time for each seller so we can work towards serving you better.

If you are not yet a customer with us, do sign up on our waitlist below (if you prefer pick-up) or book a drop-off slot directly!


second other

Thank you for your interest in our apparel consignment program. Do note that this signup is only required for non-customers who prefer pick-up service. If you are already a customer, an email invitation will be sent to you if you have made a qualified purchase. Do read our full Seller FAQ here. For non-customer, we will contact you once a seller slot is available or you can choose to drop-off your items at our office.


  1. Free Courier Pick-up (seller –> second other)
    • Mon-Fri (10am – 7pm)
    • Actual pick-up date to be arranged separately
  2. Selling Price
    • Pricing of items will be determined by second other based on brand, condition, design etc
  3. Return of Rejected Items
    • Items that are unsuitable for listing can be couriered to Seller at a fee of S$10*
  4. Disposal Fee of Rejected Items
    • A disposal fee of $0.50 per items will be charged* for rejected items that are to be donated to charity or disposed of.
  5. Return of Consigned Items
    • Return of consigned items can be done 3 months from the date of listing
    • Return delivery fee of S$10* applies
  6. Unsold Consigned Items
    • Items that are not sold for a period of 3 months and above, second other may request for the items to be returned to the Seller* or donated to charity
*Payable by Seller. Refer to Seller FAQ for details.


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