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We made it easy for you to clear out your clothes, shoes and bags.

Receive 30% - 70% of the sale proceeds when your items get sold

Consign your preloved womenswear, shoes and bags with us. Clean out your closet and get paid without the fuss and hassles of handling the sale yourself. More details at our Seller FAQย on our list of requirements below.

Book an appointment now and bring your items to be reviewed at our studio. All accepted items will be consigned with us for a min of 30 days.

Consignment season is now closed for 2023

We have reached capacity and consignments are now closed. Limited slots may be released depending on our capacity with priorities given to our customers via email. Any remaining slots will be announced via our Instagram post / stories.

Preferred brands

We accept well known brands from premium, contemporary and selected local labels. View our preferred brands here.

On trend

All items must pass our curation based on quality, brand and trendiness. Items bought within 2 years is a good gauge.


All items must be in like-new or new with tags without defects or stains. Items must be freshly laundered.

Is this for me?

Yes!ย Let us handle everything for you. If you are looking to clean out your closet or are in the midst of moving and wants the convenience of clearing out without the fuss of handling transactions.ย 
Yes!ย If you are looking at a sustainable option and loves the idea of circular economy, particularly in extending the life of your preloves to others.
Yes!ย If payout isย NOTย more important than clearing out or extending lifespan of your clothes. Second Other takes a commission of sales and sellers typically get between 30% - 70% of sales, depending on the sale price.
Sale Price of Items Seller's Proceeds
% of Sale Price
< S$50 30%
S$50 - S$100 50%
> S$100 70%
*Sellers already onboard before 1 March 2023 will have the seller's proceeds (% of sale) remained as per previous arrangement.

What you need to know

Read below to find out what makes a good consignment partnership.

What we accept

We accept on-trend* womenswear (including activewear), shoes and bags only.

All items must be authentic from the respective brands. Only known and recognisable brands from our list ofย preferred brandsย are accepted.

Sports apparel and activewear are now accepted such as Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, alo etc.

Shoes and bags must be from our list of premium brands^.

*As a guide, on-trend pieces are likely to be items you have purchased in the last 2 years and are designs you are willing to wear them now.

^Premium brands are marked with asterisk*

Quality & Condition

Please check the items to ensure that the items are in EXCELLENT, LIKE-NEW condition and free from damages, stains, tears, are clean and freshly laundered. Brand tags MUST be attached.

This is to increase sell-through rate for your items.

Shoes have to be new with clean soles to be accepted.

Bags have to be clean (interior & exterior) in excellent condition.

Do note that consigned items will be available for try-ons.

Preferred Brands

See our list of preferred brands here.

Got an awesome brand that you would like to recommend? Email or WhatsApp us.

Shoes & Bags

For bags and shoes, we will only accept from our list of premium brands (marked with asterisk*) under our brand list. All bags and shoes MUST first be assessed prior via WhatsApp BEFORE bringing them down to our studio. Take a picture of the items and share with us via WhatsApp at +65 8885 7608 for an initial quotation.

Unaccepted items

Certain clothing items areย not acceptedย such as:

  • 1. Out-of-date designs
  • 2. Lingerie / intimates
  • 3. Swimwear
  • 4. Camisoles/t-shirts/work pants
  • 5. Clothing with faux / PU leather
  • 6. Skater dresses
  • 7. Winter wear
  • 8. Gowns, occasion & ethnic wear
  • 9. Mini skirts / skinny jeans
  • 10. Items that have a low resale value of < $10


List prices are recommended based on a combination of brand, resale market rate, condition, style, original retail price, etc.

Recommended list and sale prices will be sent to you for reference.

We do not encourage the change of prices but if you have a minimum price, please reply to our email within 5 days from the date of the email. Second Other has the right to reject any items without reason.

We have a recommended Sale Price which offers a lower base price to promote sell-through from time to time.ย  ย 

If we do not receive any email from you, the recommended list price will automatically be published after 5 days from the date of the email.ย 


All sellers are required to provide a Paynow number upon onboarding for direct debiting.

Sellers will be notified of sales on the last day of each month and sale proceeds will be debited on the 1st business day of the following month.

Consignment Period

The consignment period is for a minimum duration of 1 month. Once the consignment period is up, we will contact you via email about the unsold items.

We may also extend the consignment period for up to 3 months on a case-by-case basis.

Consignment Process

Book an appointment and bring your items to be reviewed at our studio. There are no minimum or maximum pieces to consign with us.

Please note that we are under no obligation to accept your items even if they are under our preferred brand list.

If you are unsure if we will accept your items, you mail email or whatsapp us with the brand and photo of the item.

Second Other will not be liable for damages or stains for the consigned items.

End of Consignment Period

All unsold items at the end of the consignment period will have to be collected by our sellers within a week of contact. Any items that remained uncollected will be donated to us or our supported charities.

Our Curation

With limited resource and space in our studio, we will select items based on our curation based on design, brand and quality. Even if the brand is under our list of preferred brands, we may not select the items if they do not pass our curation.

Our curation is evolving and changes with time based on our understanding of our customers. Brands and styles that we may have accepted prior may be rejected now. We are under no obligation to accept any items.

Pls be prepared to bring the items (all or partial) back if they are not selected in our curation process.

Consignment Season Closed

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